Krypto Miners Club (KMC) Gear Up for Phase 2 With Lucrative Perks on Offer for the Investors

KMC unveils enhanced mining power, robust payouts, technical advancements, exclusive giveaways, and more in the awaited Phase 2.

Dubai, UAE — Building on the momentum of a phenomenally successful Phase 1, Krypto Miners Club (KMC) is ready to usher in Phase 2 of their avant-garde NFT project underpinned by cryptocurrency mining.

As Phase 2 looms on the horizon, potential investors have much to look forward to, especially regarding rewards, technological advancements, and usercentric features.

As the anticipation for Phase 2 mounts, KMC unveils a spectrum of thrilling features and benefits tailored to elevate the crypto mining experience. This forthcoming phase is engineered to “expand the platform’s capacities, enhancing efficiency and profitability for community members.

Unparalleled Payouts That Set KMC Apart

Phase 1 bore witness to KMC’s commitment with initiated payouts for June, July, and August. Their transparent mechanism provides an average ROI of 11-14 months for every user, based on BTC remaining at 30,000 USDT.

However, if BTC valuations climb beyond this figure, investors stand a chance at realizing even earlier returns. KMC’s promise doesn’t end here; these payouts are lifelong, with a commitment to see an increment per NFT upon the culmination of all phases.

It’s worth noting that KMC has carved a niche for itself by ensuring prompt payouts, positioning itself ahead of other mining projects in terms of swiftness.

A Commitment to Cutting-Edge Mining Technology

Technological obsolescence is a concern that KMC addresses proactively. Their mining machines undergo quarterly replacements to ensure the mining cycle never faces any interruptions, promising investors consistent returns on their commitment.

Credit Card Mint: Simplifying Access

In an era where ease of transaction plays a pivotal role in decision-making, KMC has taken steps to simplify investments. Their credit card mint process, which has already commenced, is an endeavor to ensure that enthusiasts can stake their claim without delving into the complexities of crypto wallets.

This process aims to provide a straightforward method for enthusiasts to purchase and stake cryptocurrency coins without needing to understand the technical intricacies involved with digital currency wallets and transfers.

At its core, the credit card mint mechanism allows an individual to use their ordinary credit cards, like a Visa or Mastercard, to purchase coins on the KMC platform directly. Also, KMC will release more details on this in the coming months as the feature develops further.

Our commitment to rewarding our community is unwavering. From initiating consistent payouts to the regular upgrading of our mining machines, we aim to ensure sustained profitability. And I’m especially excited about the commencement of our credit card mint process, which promises to make Krypto Miners Club more accessible to all our Phase 2 investors.” – Yashodhan Patil, CEO of Krypto Miners Club.

Embarking on an Ambitious Phase 2

With Phase 2, KMC has charted out an expansive roadmap:

  • NFT Release: A total of 2,222 NFTs are set for release, amplifying the potential for investors to delve deeper into the world of crypto mining.
  • Expansion of Mining Power: KMC plans to procure and deploy an additional 150 miners. This augmentation will bolster their mining arsenal, taking the count to over 350 ASICs and enhancing the capability to generate higher rewards.

Exclusive Giveaways: In a bid to foster community engagement and reward the faith of its members, KMC has earmarked $10,000 for competitions and holders. These giveaways are not just financial incentives but also a testament to KMC’s commitment to its growing community.

  • 3D NFT Airdrop: KMC’s holders are in for a treat with a special 3D NFT airdrop, further enriching the portfolio of its community members and adding another layer of exclusivity to the KMC experience.
  • Website Overhaul: Recognizing the need for transparent communication and easy access to operational details, KMC is set to revamp its website. This makeover will offer detailed insights into the functioning of the mining farm, ensuring every stakeholder is kept abreast of the latest developments and operations.

Earlier, KMC’s Phase 1 sold out quickly with 2,222 units. Now, Phase 2 offers the same amount of mining units again at a special price of $375 per unit for early adopters. Demand is high, and prices will soon go up to $475. Plus, KMC offers a chance to invest in cryptocurrency in Dubai’s stable and growing market.

As Phase 2 is on the anvil, KMC is poised to redefine the crypto mining landscape, backed by state-of-the-art facilities, optimal mining efficiency, and a commitment to maximizing investor profitability.

About Krypto Miners Club (KMC):

The Krypto Miners Club (KMC) is leading the NFT revolution as a community-focused project that relies on the strong foundation of BTC mining. KMC is an NFT project that aims to mine Bitcoin using renewable energy-powered mining facilities in Dubai. Those who own KMC NFTs are more than just investors; they also receive monthly rewards in BTC, which comes from the revenue generated by KMC’s BTC mining farm. KMC is committed to providing its NFT holders with long-term passive income, ensuring they benefit from their investment in tangible ways. This marks a groundbreaking era where NFTs and cryptocurrency intersect.

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