Screen Nutrition Launches “Digital Diet” mobile app: A Lifelong Journey to Balance in a Digital World

United States, 26th Oct 2023, King NewsWireToday, Screen Nutrition, a non-profit organization founded by high school senior Krish Chauhan, proudly unveils its revolutionary mobile app, “Digital Diet,” now available, for free, on the Apple App Store. The app represents a significant milestone in the quest to promote a balanced and mindful digital lifestyle, acting as your personalized digital nutrition coach.

Inspired by his own personal journey and a profound passion for digital well-being, Krish Chauhan founded Screen Nutrition to address the growing concerns surrounding the impact of excessive screen time across all ages, often causing mental health issues starting as early as in elementary and middle schools. Krish’s vision and dedication have culminated in the creation of “Digital Diet,” a game-changing app designed to empower users to gain visibility over their digital habits and balance the intake of digital nutrients: digital proteins(learning and growth), digital carbs(entertainment), digital vitamins(mindfulness).

Krish expresses his enthusiasm for the launch of Digital Diet: “Our journey began with a simple idea: Similar to a balanced food diet, we must enable individuals to embrace a balanced and mindful digital diet. In today’s digital age, where screens have become an integral part of our lives, Digital Diet is our solution to empower every individual with data and knowledge to find their digital balance and live healthier, happier lives.”

“Digital Diet” is a versatile and user-friendly app that enables individuals, starting from the age of 6, to track where they have spent their screen time and assess their daily screen nutrition. One of the coolest feature includes the concept of screen nutrients and the screen time balance score, DMI (similar to your BMI score).

Feedback from one of the power users resonates unanimously, “I am a big fan of the DMI score, similar to my BMI score, which tells me how balanced my digital diet is. Daily screen nutrients as digital twins of proteins, carbs and vitamins helps me constructively talk to my kids about a more balanced use vs no use”.

The app’s remarkable features include:

Digital Calorie Counter Diary:

Log your daily screen time activities, categorizing them into digital nutrients, the digital twins of your proteins, carbs and vitamins: active learning/growth,  entertainment and mindfulness. This feature allows users to create an accurate record of their digital consumption, its impact on their emotional well being and view trends on the Wellbeing Dashboard. Similar to your daily food journal, you can now have a digital screen time journal.

Screen Nutrition Balance Score, DMI: Digital Metabolism Index:

Similar to assessing your BMI score, leverage data from your daily diary to assess your DMI:  Screen Nutrition Balance Score, providing a clear indication of the balance between active screen time learning/growing, entertainment and mindfulness. Similar to your protein tracker, you can now track your digital protein: time spent in learning and growing everyday. Learn more here.

Assessment and Recommendations:

Receive a personalized assessment of your Screen Nutrition Balance Score, along with recommendations tailored to help you achieve a daily balance, much like a healthy, well-rounded food diet.

Emotional Well-being Trend Dashboard:

Log your emotional state and mood alongside your daily screen time activities. Observe how your digital interactions impact your emotional well-being, making informed adjustments for a happier, more fulfilling life.

Progress Tracking and Insights:

Monitor your progress over time on the Wellbeing dashboard, which tracks your total screen time, daily screen nutrition balance score, and emotional well-being score. Gain valuable insights into your screen time habits, trends, and emotional well-being to make data-driven decisions for improvement.

Interactive Interface:

Enjoy an intuitive and interactive user interface that simplifies data entry and report access. Navigating the app is easy, allowing users to view their history, scores, and recommendations with a few taps.

Educational, Informative & Empowers you to take action:

Digital Diet provides in-app educational content about the importance of a balanced digital diet and its impact on overall well-being. Stay informed about best practices for screen time management to make mindful choices in your digital consumption. Similar to the keto diet, you can now plan a digital keto diet, biasing screen time spent more on digital proteins, learning and growth activities.

Screen Nutrition’s mission is to empower individuals of all ages to achieve a balanced and mindful digital lifestyle. Krish Chauhan at Screen Nutrition believes that a balanced digital diet is vital for a healthier and happier life. Through the Digital Diet, the nonprofit organization aims to provide the tools and resources needed to embark on this lifelong journey to balance in a digital world. Check out its sister product: the Scrolling time Guardian, a free browser extension, that helps you track and reduce your aimless doom scrolling time.

Digital Diet is now available for download on the Apple App Store. To learn more about the app and its features, check out our 2 medium articles on the Digital Diet Concepts and DMI scoring.  Install Digital Diet app, your personalized digital wellbeing coach, now and prioritize your lifelong journey to balance and well-being in this digital age.

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Track total screen time, where you are spending it & how it made you feel

Assess your screen time balance across

Digital Proteins=Learning & Growth time

Digital Carbs = Entertainment

Digital Vitamins = Mindfulness

Similar to your BMI, assess your DMI, the Digital Metabolism Index to know whether you should reduct or shift the time you are spending on screens

Change your habits!
View your trends of total screentime, screentime balance(DMI) and your emotional trend. This will empower you to make wiser choices towards a healthier digital diet, similar to a healthy food diet.

Empower yourself with data

You cannot change what you do not measure! Studies show that people who keep a diary of what they want to change are more likely to hit their goals. Similar to a balanced food diet, measuring and assessing your screentime with a Digital Diet app, will empower you with the data to find the right balance.

Having a balanced digital lifestyle is a continuous journey of self discovery. The more regularly you track and assess, the more empowered you will become to make healthier choices and find your emotional bliss! Goodluck!

Krish Chauhan, Founder of Screen Nutrition.

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