Orca Uprising Announces Official Presale Launch on December the 20th

Dubai UAE, 29th November 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, The Orca Uprising team is proud to announce the official launch of their presale on December the 20th at 13:00 pm UTC. 

With its ambitious tokenomics and roadmap, this project plans to make waves in the crypto community. From staking rewards to NFTs and top-tier exchange listings, Orca Uprising will have a busy schedule for crypto enthusiasts.

Orca Uprising Announces Official Presale Launch on December the 20th

What the Upcoming Presale Means for Crypto Enthusiasts

The Orca Uprising introduces a novel perspective in the crypto sphere. The project transforms the dry world of finance into a jovial, meme-filled escapade. Its upcoming presale in December for the ORCUP tokens marks a significant milestone for crypto enthusiasts. 

The initiative aims to democratize finance, redefining it as a sphere of empowerment for everyday investors. This disruption is possible through the potent combination of memes, unity, and decentralization. 

The project’s overarching goal isn’t wealth accumulation. Instead, it seeks to revolutionize finance with laughter and a sense of community. The forthcoming presale signifies a fintech version 2.0 that champions unity and inclusivity. Therefore, the Orca Uprising presale is an exciting opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to contribute to a more equitable financial future.

Rewarding the Community with Staking

Staking is at the core of this project, allowing the community to actively participate and collect rewards for supporting ORCUP. In fact, 25% of ORCUP tokens will go to active and supportive community members through staking rewards. 

By holding ORCUP tokens and staking them, anyone can earn even more rewards as they amplify the project’s success. This not only strengthens the community but also helps to maintain the stability and growth of ORCUP. 

In addition, staking also encourages long-term holding of ORCUP tokens, promoting a healthy and sustainable ecosystem for all stakeholders involved. 

Orca Uprising’s Growth Plan

The Orca Uprising ecosystem promises an exciting journey of growth and evolution. The team expects this roadmap to follow three key phases marked by significant milestones and accomplishments. 

In the first phase (“The Founding Splash”), the team developed a secure and transparent smart contract for the ORCUP token. They also launched a captivating website and began building a strong community on various social media platforms. Marketing experts are now steering the campaign to spread awareness of the project.

In the second phase, “Launching the Tsunami,” they will officially launch the ORCUP token. Furthermore, the team plans to form partnerships with influencers, content creators, and exchanges. The team aims to raise mainstream awareness and make the token accessible on DEXs and CEXs.

The third phase, “Empowering the Pod,” promises to be exciting. The team will continue rewarding their community through exclusive rewards and NFT treasures. They also plan to secure listings on top-tier CEXs and offer branded merchandise for their supporters. Finally, they will establish a DAO and entrust governance to the capable fins of the community. 

About Orca Uprising

Orca Uprising is a new project intending to use a mix of memes, unity, and decentralization to empower everyday investors. With the December the 20th presale, the team intends to democratize finance and create a more equitable financial future. 

The project rewards its community through staking and includes NFTs and top-tier exchange listings in its roadmap. Anyone wishing to learn more about this initiative can visit the Orca Uprising website and join their growing community. 

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